Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are focussed on developing businesses for optimal performance. These include business transformation, organisational strategy, change management, process excellence, supply chain management, human capital management,
customer relationship management, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales management.

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We offer cost effective services as we aim to build long-term sustainable relationships through which our clients attain a competitive advantage.

Business Planning

Business plans are often written to secure external funding. However, all businesses should have a robust business plan in place - as this provides a strong platform for success.
A good business plan will:

• Provide a clear view of your business purpose and enable this to be communicated to partners and staff
• Predict future impacts and contain actions to ensure they do not threaten your business
• Set clear targets and objectives so that business performance can be monitored
• Set out where you want to be in the future and how you will get there.

Virgofin consultants support clients to put strong plans in place, achieve financial goals and address critical milestones and resource requirements. Business plans are designed for easy, regular review to ensure that performance stays on track. In all cases, they will incorporate key deliverables and KPI's aligned to operating budgets.

Organisational Strategy

Benefits - You will benefit from our business strategy services by:
• Knowing where resource – time, people and money, should be focused in the future.
• Definition of where a different focus is necessary to be successful.
• Understanding why particular products or initiatives have been successful.
• Understanding where your business has skills deficits and what needs to be done about them.
• An analysis of where your business makes the most cash and why.
• Knowledge of the market you operate in and why clients purchase from your business and its competitors.
• Better knowledge of premium customers and how to gain their commitment for the long term.
• Identification of areas of the business which have limited shelf life and should be discontinued or sold in the future.
• We will also help you to position your business in the industry it operates within.

Whether your strategic consideration is growing existing business, acquiring a new one through merger/acquisition, downsizing or tackling new markets, we are able to help and draw on a wealth of experience.

Business Development

Virgofin Limited business development services are geared to take your business to the next level, whilst bringing Return on Investment (ROI) at an early stage.

• Developing an appropriate calling plan to efficiently and effectively achieve goals and objectives
• Through consultative selling, design and implement workable, innovative solutions for businesses
• Understand the business needs and recommend appropriate sales channel and marketing solutions
• Creating strategic marketing plans customized for each client
• Resolving any customer service issues quickly and effectively to maintain highest level of customer satisfaction

Our sales consultancy, mentoring and training focuses on systems (including sales pipeline), processes, people and their alignment to achieving results - with people factors covering areas such as sales personalities, building rapport, values and building credibility. We also help clients and their sales staff with goal setting.

We provide marketing services which contribute to increased revenue and profitability - from preparation of comprehensive marketing strategies to corporate brochures and marketing literature, scripting of websites and preparing targeted prospect letters and follow-up processes.

Change Management

Invariably, new strategies involve a process of change which must be handled at the right pace and carefully considered. The best performing businesses must be aligned and adaptable to changing circumstances and market forces.

We work with our clients to achieve the benefits of change – whether driven through extraordinary growth opportunities, market alignment, investor, merger, acquisition or downsizing.

Virgofin Limited is an expert in performance driven change, human capital management, organisational design, communication and project plans. We have seen excellent results from these programmes. Our view is that there are clear linkages between strategy, organisational behaviour and the management of change – leadership has to be effective and Virgofin Limited will help you to achieve this. During transition, our consultants are on hand to assess, manage and advise on the infrastructure and systems required for successful business transformation.

Project Management

A well run project - achieved through strong project management involves planning, communications, close budgetary control and keeping a balance between the key parameters of time, cost and quality.

For a no obligation discussion to give your business that much need competitive edge, contact our team on 0203 1891 735 or email We will be delighted to talk to you.

Business Transformation

Business transformation is an ongoing journey and a continuous process. At Virgofin Limited, we make sure that you are moving in the right direction by redefining the organisation’s strategy focusing on the financial objectives. Once the key systems and processes are identified, we help you to assign the performance indicators (PIs) to the outputs of each core process.