Consulting Approach

Virgofin Limited is a business and management consultancy based in Northamptonshire and aim to service businesses throughout UK.

At Virgofin, we have a simple and realistic goal – identify key customer issues and to help businesses grow and attain a competitive edge for a sustainable future. Our innovative and customised business and management solutions would develop competencies and improve your overall business performance.

The idea is to make a real difference by utilising many years of cross-sector experience and operational frameworks and tools to develop custom models. We work in close partnership with you – identifying opportunities for improvement and achieve excellence. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer cost effective end-to-end solutions and do not charge for getting to know your business.

Based on the nature of businesses of our clients, we develop businesses by gaining new contracts, restructure their business to access new markets, and achieve optimal business performance.

While working with you, we identify effective and ineffective business practices at an early stage and deliverables are set. That way, you know precisely what we will deliver and when. We seek to act as catalysts of change including business transformation and change in management – for example restructuring the team, change in reporting lines and core tasks and may involve either recruitment or downsizing in certain areas of the business.

An experienced member of our friendly team will be assigned to ensure that Virgofin Limited supports you to get the best from your business. Once a plan of action has been agreed, we will get on with delivery of our role - whether leading on business planning, strategic development, change, or providing business training or tender consultancy. When working on a longer term project, we will meet regularly with you to communicate progress and discuss ongoing recommendations and you will always know where your project is up to.